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Absinthe is the only option to jailbreak iPhone 4s and iPad 2 . Now it is the most popular jailbreaking tool. Abesinthe is 100% free and it’s very easy to use. Absinthe is available for windows Mac and Linux users.

Absinthe Download tool is simple downloader for absinthe. Absinthe has been released for iPhone4S and iPad 2. But it is still not compatible for all iOS firmware versions.Still, you can’t jailbreak some iOS versions of iPhone4S/iPad2 with absinthe. If you try to jailbreak these iOS versions with absinthe,it may be risk to your device.


Absinthe Download for Windows —->>>>

Absinthe Download for Mac —->>>>

Absinthe Download for Linux —->>>>


When you try to download absinthe for wrong firmware version, this tool warns to you. Absinthe Download tool only compatible with Windows OS

Disclamair for absinthe download
Absinthe is 100% free to use. But it is not for comorcial use.
Absinthe developed by pod2g, Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team. Absinthe name and logo are trademarks of 2012 Chronic Dev Team and Greenpoissi0n.com

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IPhone4S and iPad2 copyrighted trademark of Apple inc

absinthe download tool is copyrighted with absinthedownload.com
Absinthe is free tool. But we are kindly asking you to consider some donation for Chronic Dev Team. Apple released iPhone4S on October 14, 2011 and iPad2 on March 11, 2011. Many developers have been trying to develop tool for jailbreak these devices. But they couldn’t. Finally pod2g, Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team developed absinthe on January 23, 2012. Now you can successfully jailbreak iPhone4S and iPad 2
Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe

Absinthe is the only software which can use jailbreak iPhone4S. It is free software. Many sellers are selling tools and guides to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Many of these products are versions of absinthe. Some times these are just absinthe tutorial. You can find absinthe tutorials from youtube for free. Some sellers are scammers. therefore never pay for jailbreak your iPhone4S.
Why iPhone4S and iPad 2 Special than others?

Apple A5 is the latest chip of Apple. It has been used for iPhone4S and iPad2. Therefore jailbreaking process of these devices is different than others.

Apple A5 chips copyrighted to Samsung. Absinthe is the only tool which can jailbreak devices with A5 chips


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JailbreakMe for Absinthe

What is Absinthe ?

Chronic Dev Team great development is called Absinthe. This tool can be use to jailbreak any devices running iOS 5.0.1, 5.1.1. Absinthe is untethered solution for your device and Greenpois0n has developed this tool for Windows, MAC and Linux versions. Absinthe can support iPhone 4S and iPad 2 devices. Absinthe is not compatible with latest iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 3 devices. You can use Evasi0n and Redsn0w instead for Absithe with other Ios versions. However JailbreakMe will give real solution for all your devices.

What is JailbreakMe ?

This is complete tool kit for all Apple devices. This tool kit can give solution for any device related with jailbreaking. JailbreakMe is nice flexible tool and it can be use easily with your device. This tool kit consist all jailbreak apps related with every Ios. Therefore user need to select device, Ios for download best tool for jailbreak process. JailbreakMe is nice solution maker compatible with your device. This toolkit consist tutorial guides and video guides. Both of these guides will give clear vision with relevant jailbreak process.

Absinthe Download

Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for Windows

Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for MAC

Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for Linux

JailbreakMe download

Download JailbreakMe for Windows

How to use JailbreakMe with Absinthe

JailbreakMe is combination of applications, guides and videos. Absinthe is one of the application. Therefore if JailbreakMe gave solution for you we like to remember steps as follows.

  • Download JailbreakMe and Absinthe using above download links
  • Run JailbreakMe application and this is for Absinthe as solution

jailbreakme with Absinthe

  • Follow absinthe instructions again and connect your device into computer.
  • Execute Absinthe and click jailbreak button

absinthe download with jailbreakme

  • Follow the instructions provided by Absinthe jailbreak tool.
  • You can see Cydia in your home page after finished Absinthe. If you like JailbreakMe and also Absithe give feedback using facebook, twitter and g+.


Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak

If you are a traditional television viewer, you certainly know that you are not the administrator of the system. Either directors or the owners of the TV channels act the role of the gate keepers. You are unable to subdue them. There are so many movies, cartoons, songs and news on the screen and either you have to watch them or turn the TV off.

But the apple inc. challenged this traditional style of the television. They wanted to invent a new TV which can be controlled by you. That’s why they introduced apple TV. By using this TV you can watch movies, song, news etc. as you wish. This was so successful. Then apple invent 2nd and 3rd generations of this TV.Apple TV is not merely a television but share your music, photos and many other things too.

By comparing this apple TV 2 and 3, so many differences between can be seen. Especially apple TV 3 gives you 1080p resolution and apple TV 2 gives only 720p resolution. Apple TV 3 consist with single-core A5 chip where as TV 2 consists with single core A4 chip. Hence people around the world are of the opinion of apple TV 3 is more advanced than apple TV 2.

Meanwhile usual trouble has occurred. Apple inc. tried to become the gatekeepers. They started to rent and sell the movies, TV shows and other television aspects from iTunes. Then the free developers like idev. Team and Chronic dev. team had to apply a jailbreaking process in order to hand over the authority of the apple TV to you.

You can easily jailbreak your apple TV 2 running IOS 5.0.2 by using software like snOwbreeze 2.9.6. After jailbreaking apple TV 2 you will have the chance to experiance the amazing features like nito TV and RSS feed.

Jailbreak iOS 6 with Absinthe, Redsn0w

You have already known that iOS is the mobile operating system which is been introduced and distributed by Apple Inc. for their mobile devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is more popular than MC and Android operating systems.

The first version of  iOS was released on June 29, 2007 with Apple’s first iphone. After this invention Apple introduced so many developed versions of  iOS. But it is difficult and in vain to explain everything about  iOS through this small article. Then we can directly point out the iOS 5.1.1 and it was the last version which was released before iOS 6.

After iOS 5.1.1 Apple has planned to release iOS 6 On July, 2012 they released it especially for apps developers. If you are not a developer, we don’t recommend you to download it now. Very soon you will get the opportunity to experience this developed iOS 6.Till that let us to explain about iOS 6.

Simply it’s awesome. They will give 200 new features with it. Here are some explanations regarding main aspects of foretold features.

  • Apple’s newest mapping software

This is the most developed and the easiest mapping software ever.

  • Photo stream

This will be the new style of sharing photos.

  • Integration with face book

Constantly connect with the social networks.

  • Passbook

Air tickets, passes and many other things can be issued and used as well.

But we know that you will get the usual problem whether the iOS 6 can jailbreak or not. Yes, definitely it can jailbreak.

Redsn0w has released a software called Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 to jailbreak this iOS 6.So you can easily jailbreak iOS 6 with it.

Absinthe too can jailbreak this iOS 6.But it is not published yet. iOS is also not published for general customers yet. Therefore it is no use of being hurried to release Absinthe jailbreak tool. But Absinthe too will help you to jailbreak your iOS 6 in near future.

Absinthe vs. RedSn0w

If you are an apple iDevices user, you may feel what the most suitable tool for jailbreaking is ? There are so many jailbreaking tools which you can use like Absinthe, RedSn0w, Sn0wBreeze, PwnageTool. You can select suitable one for your idevice.

Among these tools Absinthe and RedSn0w are more special than others. Both these tools are the most popular among the jailbreakers community. Those both tools are easy to use. But everyone says that the easiest way for jailbreaking is Absinthe.

Among the above mention tools Absinthe and RedSn0w has the ability of fighting against with A5 and A5x processors. That means if you are the user of iPad 3, iPhone 4s or iPod 2 you must get connection with Absinthe or RedSn0w for jailbreak those devices.

Absinthe was the first tool which could jailbreak A5 and A5x processors. RedSn0w team helped them to success. After this success RedSn0w team updated their tool to jailbreak A5 and A5x processors. Before Absinthe, people worked with RedSn0w. But after the arrival of Absinthe the people who worked with RedSn0w reached to the Absinthe. After updating the RedSn0w the people who were with RedSn0w earlier turned back to RedSn0w. But both tools are same in use. Both can install cydia. Both can subdue the restrictions of Apple. But Absinthe is somewhat easy and quick. RedSn0w will take few more steps. That’s the only difference between them.

So also if you are a Mac user or Windows user, both Absinthe and RedSn0w will help you to download and jailbreak your iDevices .But if you are a member of Linux family, Absinthe is the only tool which can support to the jailbreaking process.

Absinthe – Highly Alcoholic and influenced

Absinthe is highly alcoholic beverage which distilled by using flowers and leaves of Artemisia Absinthium.In 1550 B.C there were some evidence that ancient Egyptians used this green leaves for medical purposes. They named this as Ebers Papyrus. Absinthe is a French word. That refers either beverage or grand wormwood plant. But according to the Greeks absinthe means ‘undrinkable’.

Absinthe is normally green colored liquor. Therefore in historical literature Absinthe refers as green fairy. There are so many stories regarding famous people who were addicted absinthe. Some of them are Vincent van Gogh, Oscar wild, Aleister Crowley, Earnest Hemingway, Charles Baudelaire,Amedeo Modigliani, and Arthur Rimbaud Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

But absinthe brings bad effects to health. It always refers as dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. In 18th century it became more popular all over the Europe. Because of that some countries of  Europe had to ban this alcohol.

Presently the name ‘Absinthe’ is not merely a drink. But it refers a software that can jailbreak iPhones ,iPads and iPods in order to run third party applications in spite of Apple Inc. restrictions.

In one hand Absinthe is a drink, on the other hand its software. At surface Level they are not similar. Then why the team of the Chronic Dev. Decided to use this word to interpret their jailbreaking software?

Absinthe is a highly addicted drink as mention above. Absinthe software is also highly influenced by the users. Perhaps this may be the reason that they named this software as ‘Absinthe’.

What is your opinion? Comment with us to share your knowledge….

Jailbreak your iPhone before July 26, 2013

You know that iPhone 4S is the most attracted personality of the iPhone stream. iPhone 4s is rich with potentiality of technology and manner of user friendly than the other mobile phones.

With the great effort of Apple Inc. the iPhone has reached to the people who are crazy with iPhones. iPhone has very strong operating system (iOS) which differ from the other operating systems. This operating system can support to run applications properly. Thus Application mania has spread out.

Being loved this invention very much they earned over 10 billion dollars by selling applications. This may be the reason that they disagree to see the running of third party applications with iPhones.

Sometime the customer find difficult to get root access to enter the apps system of apps store due to their terms and conditions. Actually you find more facilities in third party applications which are not available in the app store. As a consequence of  that customers are willing to run these applications on their iPhones. Apple’s sole intention is to break this. They tried to do this technologically. It was not success with jailbreakers. Then Apple got legal actions to prevent that.

But after buying the iPhone or other iDevice it belong either you or me. According to that United States legal office that jailbreaking isn’t illegal. They have been given three years of exemption for jailbreakers Since 26 July 2010.This exemption must be renewed in 3 years.

The next day of the renewal will be 26 July, 2013.If it’s not so jailbreaking will be illegal since then.

So Why don’t you jailbreak your iDevice now?

Retina Display

Retina display is the latest facility which is given by Apple towards world of technology.

Retina display means not only a sharp and clear screen. It can draw a raster display like television into the retina of the eye. By adding this facility into a mobile device like iPod and notepad was a dream. Engineers of Apple tried a lot to moderate such technology for their iDevices.

The concept of the retina display has been already identified. Virtual retinal display (VRD), retinal projector (RP) or retinal scan display (RSD) are some of other names that refers the same retina display concept. But apple engineers are the pioneers who introduced this facility to the mobile devicecs like iPod 3 and notepad 3.

It was magical feature.This is the most suitable word that can be used to interpret this retina display. This is the sharpest, most vibrant and highest phone resolution since then. Pixel density of retina display is higher than other mobile devices is the main reason for that. That’s why it is called ‘cutting edge’. This retina display is made with ability of generating pixels 78 micrometers wide. This latest retina display is four times advanced than previous iPod touch models.

Retina glass of the retina displays is somewhat hard. It was done by using chemicals in order to protect your idevice from scratches and also it consists with an oil resistant coating on the glass which helps to keep the glass clean.

It includes LED backlighting and an ambient sensor too. That will help you to adjust the brightness of the screen and battery life intelligently.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) is technology which used to operate retina display. This assists you to playing driving or flying games, sharing photos and many others.

Now you can experience this facility by using Apple’s ipod 3 or notepad 3.

Giants of Apple Vs. Chronic Dev Team

A ‘hacker’ is an ugly and unpleasant word. So why are we writing about such ugly and unpleasant word? Because a little team of hackers has been doing pleasant and nice fight against a giant since 2007. Apple Inc. is the Giant and Chronic Dev. Team of hackers is the Lilli puts fight against those giants. This fight could break the dictatorship of Apple Inc.

We know that now you have so many doubts about what we say. Here is the answer.

Apple Inc. plays major role in iPhone industry. They have been invented so many iPhone versions since 2007.They also wanted to create an application market. Then they started App store. At the beginning they allowed to run third party applications in idevices like iPhone, ipad and iPod touch. Through that they realized that application market would shake the world in the near future. Then they decided to stop running third party applications in idevices.Mainly they tried to prevent this with the help of their technological ability. Hence they introduced various versions of operating systems (iOS), Simply they wanted to tie the Apple users only with their applications and take the whole market into their hands.

Chronic Dev. Team is initially established in 2009. Their sole intention was to rescue the idevice users from apple’s strict terms and conditions. They work actively and contribute the world jailbreaking community.

Hackers of the Chronic Dev. Team created software to break this unfair intention of Apple. That is  the process we named ‘jailbreaking’.Their software like Greenpoison, Pwnagetool, Ultrasnow and Redsn0w could easily jailbreak previous versions of iPhone ,iPad  and iPod Touch.

Apple Inc. wanted to get legal action to prevent that. But United States copy rights office states that jailbreaking isn’t illegal.

Then Apple had to turn towards technology again. They started to invent some chips like A5, A5 x with new iPhone versions like iPhone 4S and iphone 5.1.1. It was hard to jailbreak these operating systems. But Chronic Dev. Team successfully breaks that system too. Iphone dev. team and pod2g helped them to do that. That is called Absinthe and you can jailbreak your iOS 5.1.1 device using this tool successfully.

Absinthe 2.0.4 has been released

When Apple released A5X chip for their latest idevices such as iPhone 4S, iPad2 and iPad3 some Apple users thought that jailbreaking was impossible. However, Jailbreaking teams were still trying to find a way to jailbreak A5X. Finally,  combination of Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team won, and they released the latest version of Absinthe as Absinthe 2.0.4 . Now you can jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad2 and iPad3 using Absinthe 2.0.4

Currently Absinthe 2.0.4 tool is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux computers

We  recommend using this tool only wiith iOS 5.1.1 version.  If your device firmware is lower than iOS 5.1.1 ( iOS 5.0 , iOS 5.0.1, iOS 5.1) update your device using before jailbreak it with Absinthe 2.0.4 ]

You can download this version using following links. These are official download links  provided by Chronic Dev Team through Greenpoision website. Greenpoision was first jailbreaking tool of Chronic Dev Team. Currently, it only works for old iDevices

Following simple Absinthe Jailbreaking guide may be useful to you before jailbreak your iPad2, iPad3 or iPhone 4S. You can also use Absinthe 2.0.4 to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS ,iPod touch(4th gen), iPod touch(3rd gen). But we only recommed absinthe jailbreak if your iOS version is iOS 5.1.1. Otherwise please update your iOS version to iOS 5.1.1 before jailbreak process

How to use Absinthe 2.0.4 tool to jailbreak IOS 5.1.1
Backup – You need to get a backup before run this jailbreaking tool. So please go to iTunes and right click your device then you can see backup option. Then you can get backup.
Erase – Then you need to device following path. Settings, General, Reset – Erase all content and Setting. When you do this jailbreak process will be faster.
Open – Connect your device and open Absinthe 2.0.4.
Jailbreak – Click jailbreak while processing do not go to disconnect your device.
Restore – When jailbreak process completed go to iTunes and Restore backup. Right click your device and you can see Restore option.
Above five steps will useful to successfully jailbreak your device using Absinthe.


Siri Technology

Can you imagine a mobile world without typing? We suppose that siri technology is the first day of that new world. You know that siri technology is one of the most selling tip of apple inc. and so many people are talking about this eagerly. Then as the customers we have to break the ice with this new feature or invention immediately.

Simply it’s an intelligent personal assistant or knowledge navigator. It has been created to work as an application for apple ios. When you are sending message, scheduling meetings, siri technology will help you to use your own voice to do that. Definitely siri technology can understand what you say.

Apple isn’t the founder of siri technology. In 2007 Dag kittilaus and his siri technology inc. team were the fathers of siri technology. They originally introduced this as an application for apple ios. They also noted that this application can be used with blackberry and android operating systems too. But apple acquired siri technology inc. in 2010.That is the trouble we face as customers nowadays.

In October 2011, apple brought us iphone 4s with siri technology and announced that this feature is only in iphone 4s.That means they removed the existing siri technology applications from apple app store. Customers of the former versions of iPhones were embarrassed.